Five Minute Friday

Wow!  It’s been over a year and not sure why I’m writing now.. not really a fan of it.  But a dear friend of mine inspired me to participate in 5 minute Friday from this mama.  I’m supposed to write on the topic of REAL for 5 minutes.  

Ok it’s started.. REAL is..

I just deleted that last line.

I’m sitting on the couch next to my sleeping babe and husband.

I am a night owl of sorts but I am really tired right now.

I fear that someone will read further back in my blog so I haven’t decided if I’ll even share this post.

I need to change the picture on my blog headline if I do. 🙂

I hope the online timer thing is working even though I’m not on that page.

Writing is a bit brutal for me.  I am a deleter.. just made that up and can’t delete it.

I journal without deleting but it is SO instant on the computer.

Oh man, 2.5 more minutes.

So I am processing a lot of my story this week.

Supposed to be sharing it on Sunday.

My thoughts are so random feeling right now that I feel the need to press enter after each sentence.

I like how God is growing me right now even though it hurts.

I don’t usually like women but He is changing that in my right now.

I have to confess I have deleted a lot.. typos mainly.. just can’t not.

Perfectionism is good sometimes and bad other times.

11 seconds left.. whew.

And now I remember why I haven’t writt..

(timer stopped.. but had to finish.. written on my blog in a long time.  And yes I realized after reading through it there are still typos even with all the deleting I did.)

And now to the best part- a picture of my loves. 🙂


Have a great weekend ya’ll!


So we’ve gotten a little side tracked with advent activities, sickness and Matt traveling out of town, which means that school- maybe I should clarify at this point, preschool- has been put on the back burner. 🙂  And I had such great intentions.  Hmmm..  not sure what God has in store for us with school plans for Amya.  We’ll just keep praying about that and in the mean time I’ll post some of the Christmas JOY going on around here.


Our first (official) day of school

I decided this morning to start school with My. We’ve worked on whatever her interests are at the time, but have been less than consistent overall because I think and research us clear through one phase of learning into the next phase when it starts all over again.  Should we homeschool her, should we not?  If we homeschool what curriculum should we use?  If we send her to school where should we send her?  (I admit I am overly analytical.)  My turned 5 recently and doesn’t quite understand why she can’t start Kindergarten right now, so today I decided to act! At about 7:30 this morning I told her we were doing school today starting at 9am. She promptly dressed and brushed her teeth and hair, and a little after 9am I printed off a tracing worksheet (not sure why exactly I started off with tracing) and things took off from there. I intended to stop at 11am… it’s 4:45pm and we just stopped fifteen minutes ago.
Granted we weren’t constantly working. Life still goes on so there was little sister to entertain and lunch with three two-year olds today. After that we involved the little ones in bible story time (Matthew 7:24-29), singing about the wise man who built his house upon the rock and finally book reading before their nap, during which My and I spent another couple of hours hanging out working and talking. We ended our day, us girls making dinner together talking about the measurements on the measuring cups and cutting butter into our biscuits.
Overall our first (shall I call it official?) day of school was a great experience. I was able to evaluate what My knows and where she’s struggling. I was also able to accept her learning style today (yeah!). We spent lots of time off on tangents and writing with dry erase markers on the windows as well as doing some math games on the computer (something I’m not generally a fan of for someone her age but we went with it and she loved it).  Plus the highlight- sharing a bowl of pumpkin ice cream together as we discussed the bible story we read.  We talked about what it means to be wise (doing things God’s way) or foolish (doing things our way) and what it means to be responsible (taking responsibility for our foolishness).  My shared with me that she is foolish sometimes- that she is a good person but sometimes makes foolish decisions. *grin*  I shared with her that I am foolish sometimes too when I try to do things my way and that if we obey God and do things His way then everything else will fall into place (being a good person, obeying your parents, etc.)

These are precious times for me friends.  I am so thankful that I am able to stay at home with the girls in this season of our lives.  Today was a blessing.  Even with all the added activity, everyone was happy (well mostly, there was a biting incident :() and I was much more present with all the kids today.  I had no plans until this morning to get back on a routine with school and it worked out beautifully.  Thank you God!  I took a picture of My today proudly holding up her first story (her 6 year old cousin who is her bff is very into writing stories), which she made out of magnetic words and letters.  I can’t wait to share it.

I don’t have any plans for school tomorrow but we’ll see what the day brings.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Where did this post go???

So I was reading back through some recent posts and I realized that there is no post introducing baby girl…?  There used to be one but somehow it is no more, so 6 months after the fact, I’m going to repost what once was, as best I can remember.



Bryna (Bre-na) Hope

October 15, 2008 @ 3:12pm

7lbs. 15.6 oz.

there’s the sweet baby girl.. all better now. *grin*


Just a little update to say we are still here and doing well.. just busy with a move.  That’s right.. we’re likely moving to Lafayette, IN.  Which means we need to get things in order to put the house on the market and well, that’s as far as my mind has gotten.  So, another bullet point update:

Me- Spending more time in the Bible, spending more time journaling… I think God’s healing me from that perfectionism thing, but uh, maybe a little too much (*insert picture of my horribly messy house*).  But honestly, I’ve focused just on reading a section here or there and journaling about whatever is on my heart at the time.  I still need to spend time being still and quiet before the Lord, that’s going to be a tough one with my mind stuck in overdrive, but it’s doable.  The Lord’s brought me to my knees a couple times too.. Wahoo for submitting to His prompting, instead of instantly picking up that fussing baby!!

Hubby- busy busy busy, working in Lafayette for half the week, trying to finish up his second Masters (finished first in January, one class left for this one- YEAH, so so proud of him!).

Little sis- rolls around everywhere, nurses a little less (only every 3 hours now thankfully), has eaten some baby food here and there, has “loveable” thighs and cheeks,  has two bottom teeth (sharp little boogers), hollers at her sister when she takes a toy away (oh yes, big sis likes creating drama, bless her for constant entertainment *grin*), still chatters, is starting to sit up pretty well, bounces up and down when she’s happy (especially when Daddy talks to her).

Big sis- well, let me see, drama drama drama.. really, she spends all day pretending, acting out things.  it is always fun to see what she is going to come up with next and the stories are great!  she loves her little sister sooo much that she takes things away from her to get her attention, because that’s how it’s supposed to work right?  *grin*

Ok, so I’m sure I could share more, but I have one on the potty hollering for more toilet paper and another one that just woke up from a nap fussy.  What a journey..  I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Be blesssed friends!

Audio Stories


Hey all!  Just thought I’d take a quick second to share with you a website I came across called Storynory.  Awhile ago one of my fav websites, Zrecs (yes I constantly plug them but honestly I’m not being paid, they’re just that good), got me hooked on the idea of audio stories when they mentioned that their daughter listens to audio stories when she eats breakfast.  At the time I was researching digital music players for kids and thought it would be a great idea to include audio stories into my music loving child’s life.  I wondered how easy it would be to find audio stories for kids and simply forgot to look into it any further.*  So lately we’ve been having some mealtime battles of the “less talk, more eat” variety.  Well, leave it up to Zrecs impeccable timing to introduce their first original audio story and it’s downloadable for free, brilliant!  So far they only have two in the vault, but we’ve enjoyed them so much that it prompted me to look for more free audio stories.  So I googled and came across the Storynory collection, featuring Original Stories, Fairytales, pieces from Classic Authors, as well as Educational and Junior Stories (for younger children and those just starting to learn english).   Not only are the stories great, but a british-accented narrator (Natasha), makes them even better.  Now we enjoying spending our lunchtime listening to audio stories, in peace, and we’re able to talk about the story when we’re finished.  Woohoo!  We’re celebrating a small victory over here! *grin*  So far her favorite is a Zrecs original, The Two Bears and the Carousel.  Zrecs has plans to share more stories in the future from the Audio Archives on their Punnybop site… can’t wait!

Happy listening!

*EDIT: So apparently I was not paying very much attention when reading the above referenced article since they mentioned Storynory as a source of free audio stories.  Or most likely it was one of the many tabs that has succumbed to my well meaning husband’s “I had to close the window” explanations, as he lovingly resumed counseling me through my “tab addiction” (it’s for real people)… Now, why doesn’t Safari have the much-loved “restore session” feature that Firefox has?  Or does it? (googling) Ok, so there is a way to restore your previous session in Safari afterall.  Thank you iamdigitalman!  And thank you google!.. and thank you little tabs, you make it so easy to indulge in frequent mind-numbing tangents!

A bullet point update

It’s been awhile (and it’ll probably be awhile again *grin*) so I thought I’d do a little bullet point update of what I’ve/we’ve been up to for the past 3 months (background sobbing.. babies grow too fast!).  Here goes..

  • With the wee one: nursing, rocking, singing, changing diapers- lots of poopy diapers (thank goodness for the diaper shower!), “saving” her from the extreme outpouring of love bestowed upon her by big sister, and oh.. listening- she is a real chatter-box!
  • With the big sis: reading, being read to (I love how she points at the words but tells you the story from her memory) dancing, playing games, encouraging independence (oh the glory when they dress themselves, wipe themselves and wash their own hands… victory!), and helping her play nicely with wee one (who honestly isn’t so “wee”)
  • With my knight: making him lunch (sometimes), ironing his clothes (sometimes), watching TV together, taking a parenting class together, and rooting him on as he finishes his two masters degrees (yes he is crazy, but we our SOOO proud of that crazy guy)
  • With the cozy abode: purging, throwing out.. recycling as much as I can, organizing- which I believe is a never ending process, packing up Christmas decor (which will have to wait a little longer until we do Christmas with the girls.. I know, it’s almost the end of January)
  • With myself: reading about parenting and sustainable living, experimenting with water only hair washing (this deserves a post of it’s own at a later date- it’s been an interesting journey) and with new recipes (such as carob Walnut Brownies from– another highly recommended website), working on the committee for our church’s Children’s Clothing Resale, endeavoring to start prayer journals for the girls and get back into the Bible daily- which means laying perfectionism on the back burner here, God doesn’t really require perfectionism does He?! (also deserving of its own post)…

Ok, so that was an interesting experience for me.. READ: screwed up priorities!  The neglect towards my relationship with God and my husband and even my oldest daughter is glaring harshly in my mind..  And this isn’t a news flash really, just something I try not to think of until the Holy Spirit sabotages me under the guise of writing a quick update for you all and “whamo!’ I start seeing the truth in my life.  I just can’t seem to get passed the guilt (not of God) of not doing things right so that I can actually DO things even semi-right?  Anyone else experience this sort of rut?  Ideas of getting out.. and for good?  I feel like I’ve been here forever, long enough that it’s starting to feel normal, albeit unpeaceful.

Maybe God needs to audibly cry at me.. that is a horrible joke isn’t it, but it feels so true right now.


Feel free to comment, I'd love to hear who's reading. Thanks, Tara