Five Minute Friday

Wow!  It’s been over a year and not sure why I’m writing now.. not really a fan of it.  But a dear friend of mine inspired me to participate in 5 minute Friday from this mama.  I’m supposed to write on the topic of REAL for 5 minutes.  

Ok it’s started.. REAL is..

I just deleted that last line.

I’m sitting on the couch next to my sleeping babe and husband.

I am a night owl of sorts but I am really tired right now.

I fear that someone will read further back in my blog so I haven’t decided if I’ll even share this post.

I need to change the picture on my blog headline if I do. 🙂

I hope the online timer thing is working even though I’m not on that page.

Writing is a bit brutal for me.  I am a deleter.. just made that up and can’t delete it.

I journal without deleting but it is SO instant on the computer.

Oh man, 2.5 more minutes.

So I am processing a lot of my story this week.

Supposed to be sharing it on Sunday.

My thoughts are so random feeling right now that I feel the need to press enter after each sentence.

I like how God is growing me right now even though it hurts.

I don’t usually like women but He is changing that in my right now.

I have to confess I have deleted a lot.. typos mainly.. just can’t not.

Perfectionism is good sometimes and bad other times.

11 seconds left.. whew.

And now I remember why I haven’t writt..

(timer stopped.. but had to finish.. written on my blog in a long time.  And yes I realized after reading through it there are still typos even with all the deleting I did.)

And now to the best part- a picture of my loves. 🙂


Have a great weekend ya’ll!


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